The Breach

On Reinos, life is just another commodity.  Those who can’t afford to live in the corporation-owned city-states eke out their existence in the slums between, living on the scraps of their betters.

Prosperity is short-lived in such places, as the constantly warring gangs devour everything of value. And when a gang achieves dominance, or establishes something resembling a real government, the corporations return for what is theirs.

But in one slum, something has changed.  A powerful newcomer known only as ‘Cobalt’ has arrived, and in months established not only dominance, but peace and the beginnings of something more.

The corporations’ private police are helpless against him.  Bounty hunters enter the slum, and are never heard from again.  And his influence is spreading.

Chasing rumors, magic combat specialist Robin Bishop arrives with her apprentice Sophia in tow.  A Magister of the United Academia of Accord, it is her duty to deal with rogue mages for the good of normal humans and mages alike.

But Cobalt is far, far more than just a rogue mage.


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